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The Magic Formula For Writing a Startup Financial Forecast

Writing a financial forecast is probably one of the least exciting tasks in the early days of your startup, but unfortunately it’s a necessity – if you want to raise capital, you’ll need a solid business plan with a set of realistic projections that you can stand up and

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Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward

Karma. What goes around comes around. Treat people the way you would like to be treated – whichever label or definition you want to attach to it, helping other people is a fundamental component of becoming successful.

The idea of paying it forward is to reciprocate a good deed by paying

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Tips for Visiting Silicon Valley on Business

San Francisco

I recently attended an intensive three day workshop on penetrating the US market, hosted by US MAC during their recent trip to Belfast. Having made my first business trip to the US last summer, with a subsequent follow up trip before Christmas, I'd like to share what I've learned and

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5 Startup Lessons from our First Year in Business

2014 was the first year in business for my first startup, Get Invited. We moved into our office, hired a team, launched a product and started acquiring our first customers. It was an incredible year, with lots of ups and plenty of downs but I've learnt an incredible amount in

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A Guide to Startup Funding in Northern Ireland

Raising startup finance for the first time can be incredibly daunting, but Northern Ireland is a great place to do it and we have the added benefit of various government grants to help new and existing businesses grow. This article serves as a guide to the different sources of startup

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10 Tips for Creating a Great First Impression

Iteracting with other humans is an activity we engage in on a daily basis and often requires little cognitive thought when we're engaging with friends, colleagues and family members. However, a large part of startup life involves interacting with people you don't know, and in many cases asking them to

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Staying Lean Vs Getting Your First Customers

There's a lot of buzz around the practice of staying lean and saying NO to the many feature requests that you will inevitably face on your journey of building a product. However, as a startup begins to build traction it can be very difficult to balance the lean approach while

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Building a Flexible Layout using EMs and the Golden Ratio

Building a responsive website can be a lot of work, especially if you're going about it the wrong way. Until recently, I had been constructing my layouts using a mixture of percentages and pixels – which is an extremely laborious, long-winded process. It resulted in many headaches while trying to ensure

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MA Multidisciplinary Design

As I approach the final hours of my Masters in Multidisciplinary Design, I’d like to share my experience of the course and offer some reflective thoughts. This may be of interest to anyone considering signing up in the future.

I joined MA Multidisciplinary Design (now MFA) in September 2011

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Pixel Perfection is Madness

The web is currently undergoing a major shift in user interaction patterns, these changes demand new techniques and approaches to designing for the medium. With more browsers and devices on the market than ever before, this has enabled us to consume information in a variety of new contexts. Mobile devices

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Groovedeck Design Process

Groovedeck is a fun little web application that plays your Soundcloud tracks on a turntable. If you’re not familiar with Soundcloud, it’s an online social network for musicians that enables them to host their own audio productions for others to listen to and comment on.

Soundcloud user interface

The native Soundcloud

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